Friday, May 17, 2013

wedding checklist

hye you all.....

this is my checklist when you're 101% super double triple ready to get married

-have u already prepare the budget for wedding
-can you accept other people cooking unless your mother
-are you ready to pay off your salary for house loan
-can you able to sacrifice your time with friend
-are you ready to have a baby
-are you ready to wake up at midnight to change your baby pampers

-are you ready to quit your current job to make a move
-are you ready to cook for your lover
-are you ready to have a baby
-are you ready for change from S to M, L or XL

think about that...
peace  !


M.M said...

heeee...not ready to wake up at midnight...

Syafiyana said... u can't married....

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